Codex is an informative, literate and engaging online magazine that utilizes multiple delivery mediums on the internet providing in-depth reporting and analysis covering politics, societal and environmental changes, and humanity's eccentricities. Politics are covered by focusing on the people affected by the decisions and debate in the political world. Unique stories of triumph and tragedy are told in a way that enlightens the reader/viewer of humanity's diversity and struggle. Major societal and environmental changes are reported in ongoing series so that public discussion remains strong about things that matter most. Providing the audience interactive storytelling and opinionated blog feedback is as close as our audience can get to a story today and good journalism gets the reader involved.

From the Editor

This prototype magazine was created as a graduate project for the Vico 587 Magazine class in the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University. The purpose of the class was to play the role of editor, photo editor, writer and photographer for a magazine (real or fictional). Using our multiple roles we researched and developed a story idea of our choice. We were given one week to photograph the story. After returning from our shoots, we then began the process of editing and writing the stories. The stories were then placed into our magazine design.

What you are viewing on this site is a magazine shell. This prototype magazine's only purpose is to house the "Losing Louisiana: Land Loss on the Coast" story for this class.

Editor/Photo Editor/Audio Producer/Photographer/Writer/Designer
Zach Wise

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